Mr. Dixon joins Admissions

Mr. Ronald Dixon, who is a new faculty member this year, is now working as an assistant director in the admissions office. Mr. Dixon, originally from Danville, Illinois, was a professional basketball player in the ABA, playing for Chicago until he decided to come to Groton.  Once a hard decision, the transition between a basketball player to a teacher has proved simpler to Mr. Dixon as he is deeply impressed with Groton and enjoys working in admissions with so many faculty that constantly show their enthusiastic for the school. He himself graduated from a boarding school, and so he wanted to come back and help the kids here. He is really looking forward to bringing more opportunities to all students. Besides affiliating in Bradley’s dorm, Mr. Dixon is looking forward to coaching boys’ varsity basketball this winter. Aside from playing basketball, Mr. Dixon is very much into music, as he started playing the drums when he was three and also plays the piano. Though the school year has just begun, much thanks due to the great support system of faculty and students all with advice and good wishes to help with this transition, Mr. Dixon believes he is off to a great start.

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