Film FSA

By Philippe Heitzmann ’15 and Peter Nam ’15

The much anticipated film, Boarding School Love, produced by Naomi Wright `13 and Starling Irving `13 is coming closer to a finish. This fall, the two talented film makers are planning on starting a film Faculty Sponsored Activity (FSA) in order to spend their afternoons producing short films and editing their first cooperative work, Boarding School Love, a documentary about relationships between students in a boarding school environment. Although they have finished the shooting part of the film last spring on Prize Day, they are still in the process of editing it. “A minute of a film takes about an hour of editing,” says Starling. Production of Boarding School Love is more of a practice and a hobby rather than a serious film they will use for college supplements; Starling said, “We wanted to make something that is nice for the school to watch.”

            The FSA, which will be approved soon, would mainly consist of producing short movie clips every two weeks and finalizing their ongoing project, Boarding School Love. These clips, which are five minutes long in average, are required by colleges as a supplement to the common application. Starling gives us an example of one: “one college might ask me to describe how I perceive myself and my personality in no longer than five minutes, but without my appearing in the video”. These video clips, which one must not only shoot and edit but also pour in a lot of thought to produce a creative piece of art, are very challenging indeed.

            Starling’s first encounter with film making was during her middle school years during which she attended a technology class. Ever since then she has been absorbed in cinematography. She is especially interested in editing films and casting actors; whereas, her partner, Naomi is more attracted to production. Starling says that she never had a moment in her life when she doubted of what she wanted to do, and that she is glad to have discovered her passion early on.

Starling goes on further to describe how her close relationship with Naomi has taught them a lot in terms of film making. Although both students have their own clips to work on, they do not hesitate to teach the other their film techniques, editing skills, and “information on what the good ones [colleges for cinematography] are” says Starling. Naomi flew to Toronto over the summer to assist Starling in the making of the film- an example of how their collaboration has yielded fruitful results.

The preparation for making even a short film involves script writing, casting, equipment setting, and vigorous hours of editing. Starling and Naomi are using the school’s resources to alleviate the amount of work and further develop their interests. Two faculty members, Laurie Sales and Tim Hutchinson will each be assisting the production and the editing of the films. Also, the art department has installed programs related to film making in the school computers that students can access easily. Starling and Naomi count themselves fortunate for having access to these resources, which though not the best, assist them greatly.

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